Snapper in Coromandel Marine Reserve

Frequently Asked Questions

Happy swimmer resting on boat at Coromandel New Zealand

Please click on the contact us button if you have any further questions.

What is the booking process?

1. Send us a Booking Enquiry Form.

2. We will get back to you with a quote and more detailed information on what is offered.

3. If you accept the quote, you have 7 days to pay either the 25% deposit or, if within 90 days, the full amount.

Can I bring non swimming friends/family?

Of course you can and there are heaps of activities for them to do while you swim.

They may be able to join us on the daily charter boat excursions if there is space available.

Do I need a wetsuit?

The typical water temperature of our swims in Aitutaki and Moorea is around 26 Degrees Celsius (79 Degrees Fahrenheit) and most people are comfortable swimming in these temperatures without a wetsuit.

Am I likely to encounter any marine wildlife?

The waters of Aitutaki and Moorea are full of tropical fish and other interesting marine wildlife like turtles, giant clams and rays. We will be aiming to swim with humpback whales during one half day charter trip outside of the lagoon in Aitutaki and we will be seeing a lot of beautiful (and harmless) black tipped reef sharks in Moorea.

I am not sure if I can keep up with the group?

We accommodate different swimming speeds and usually break the group into slower and faster swimmers.

You are welcome to use flippers if you like. You can also take a break on the support boat at any time.

It is not a race, however we do require a minimum ability of being able to swim 1 km in under 40 minutes.

I am not sure I can swim the distances several days in a row.

With the focus on easy swimming and plenty of time to recover, you may be pleasantly surprised how well you ’perform’! If you need a break during any of our swims you are welcome to hop on the accompanying boat and relax for a while and then jump back in to swim as you wish.